The Thing about Sticky Casino Bonuses

Online casinos do have this certain paranoia about the hunters of casino bonuses. This forces them to be really creative for them to be recognized and appreciated by the players and wean away the hunters. Among the recent creations of this creativity is the Phantom casino bonus or sticky casino bonus. This is equivalent to the lucky playing chips in the land based casinos. The amount of this kind of casino bonus is quite impossible to withdraw; this should remain in the account of the player until everything is already used up. A particular casino bonus is considered “sticky” if the online casino describes it is something that is not transferable to cash and that you can only use to it to wager.

In the simpler aspect, a certain casino player must have two existing accounts; one is for the deposit and one for the casino bonus. The casino bonus account cannot be cashed out in any way, however, the player can use to it to wager in an online casino game. The deposit account on the other hand can be cashed in when the casino bonus is already consumed.

At first look, sticky casino bonuses may appear useless because you cannot transfer them into real cash. This will only waste your time, effort and winnings. However, you have to think again. If you manage to make a win, the casino bonus is quite useless, but when you are in time of desperation because you are already losing, then this is where the real deal comes in. Without casino bonuses, you may end up losing your precious $100. With the use of the sticky casino bonus, you are confident that you can still pull out something from your account because the bonus is just there when you need it the most.

However, the possibility to win a sticky casino bonus lesser than 50%. To be able to maximize the profit that you can get out of this bonus, you must use high risk strategy into your game, which is all or nothing. This is quite a risk to take. The truth is, when you bet small, you will only lose due to the mathematical expectations which are negative and that the bonus will just prolong the agony of waiting. It won’t really help you win. Thus, playing with a reasonable big amount of will give you better chances of winning. …